Environmental Education

Here at Camp Edwards we run a successful Outdoor Education Program that combines elements of Environmental Education, Adventure Education, and Social-Emotional Development. We work with our partner schools to custom design a trip to enrich their curriculum back in the schools and to build a strong bond between the students and teachers.

If you are interested in more information please check out these links to find out more about our facility:

Basic Pricing

In order to put together a complete trip for your group, we will build a package for you that will include all activities, meals, evening programs, and housing for your trip out to camp.

Planning a Trip

At Camp Edwards we pride ourselves on allowing you to build a unique program for your students with our help. We are more than willing to adapt our programs to fit what you want to get out of the trip to camp.

If you are planning a trip to camp, the best place to start is by identifying the purpose of your camp experience. Schools come with many different expectations of what they want their students to gain from an Outdoor Education trip. Some popular themes include team building, environmental awareness, or improved social interactions.

Once you identify the overall purpose of the trip, you can begin looking through our program offerings and decide what classes and evening programs interest you. Once you establish the purpose of the trip and choose classes, please fill out the school information sheet and send it to camp. – You can find the information sheet HERE

If you have a specific schedule that you wish to follow, we ask that you send it to us at least 2 weeks ahead of your trip, allowing us time to coordinate schedules with any other schools that might also be here during your stay.

If you don’t have a specific agenda in mind, we will schedule your stay and send it to you for your consideration at least two weeks prior to your visit.